This collection of beds was created with a special mission: to bring as many positives into the design as we could. We were able to combine four…


create a positive user experience, the effect the design has on a person


re-use waste plastics and recycle them into a brand new product 


support social reintegration projects, they became our manufacturers


stay close to our own standards for simple and minimal design

The result: Social-Unit #1, single bed and Social-Unit #2, loft bed.

The S-U#1, SINGLE BED is a space saving cupboard-bed unit. Originally designed for homeless shelters it combines storage space and a bed on 3 square meters. The bed is very well suited for guest- and children’s rooms and set-ups where more people share a space.
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The S-U#2, LOFT BED is a ‘luxury retreat island’, perfectly suited to be placed in large, open plan living spaces. It has several added functions and can be customized to every desire. Being more than just a bed it invites you to live around it and use it for more than just sleep.
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