Social-Unit plastic Loft Bed
Social-Unit plastic Loft Bed
Social-Unit plastic Loft Bed


The Loft Bed is a ‘luxury double island’, perfectly suited to be placed in large, open plan living spaces.

It has a workstation/vanity table on the outside and lighting and storage functions on the inside.

It gives a feeling of seclusion, comfort and homeliness when you are lying inside.

It is a minimalist translation of the Asian platform bed. It is made out of recycled plastics and produced in sheltered workshops.

industrial loft spaces

guest room

vacation home


festival accomodation


Standard edition:
On the outside:
vanity table /work station
two lights

On the inside:
bed to fit double size mattress (different sizes available)
laptop shelf
two lights

Deluxe edition:
The loft bed can be further customized to every desire

HDPE post-consumer waste plastics
Electrical outlets integrated
Available in different colors

2850 x 1620 x 2000 mm (based on queen sized mattress)

The bed comes in parts and will be assembled on site